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  • VAB3905: Cast list appears in tablular form on p. 12. Should I encode using table markup? Reported by Michelle Dalmau.
  • VAB6754: I am unable to locate a suitable subject keyword for this text. What do I do? Reported by Michelle Dalmau.
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*A couple of things to note: 1) use @who for <said>, not @corresp. Make sure this is consistent in the rest of your encoding; 2) the quotation marks appear right after and right before the start and end <q> tags; 3) "quoted his sister" in the text starts with a lower case "q", but the previous sentence, before the quote ends with a period ("Master Harry on one
occasion."). So make sure to close the paragraph after the "Master Harry" sentence and contain "quotes his sister" in its own paragraph. --Michelle*

In the fileDesc:
<author>Dixon, Ella Hepworth (1855-1932)</author>
<author><name type="pseudonym">Wynman, Margaret</name></author>

In the sourceDesc:
<author>Dixon, Ella Hepworth</author>
<author><name type="pseudonym">Wynman, Margaret</name></author>