Setting up Samba for Derivative Upload

This arrangement for uploading the ingest derivative file to the streaming server uses a Samba mount point definition on the Linux server to which the digitizer's Windows PC can link by creating a mapped network drive. The digitizer client is then configured to use the mapped drive and uploads the files by copying them into the local mapped network drive.

This page describes setting up Samba. The digitizer client configuration is described in the client installation process.

Determine if Samba is installed.

Installation of Samba can be determined by executing:

Install Samba if required.

Install the Samba package

Samba can be installed by executing (as root):

For RHEL-5, Fedora-10: Adjust Context and Boolean for SELinux

Under RHEL-5, Fedora-10, if SELinux is active, the following additional settings will need to be made to provide the required authorizations for Samba.

Create a user for Samba logins to use

This is the user and password that the digitizer will use to create the mapped network drive.

Create the Samba share mounting point

This defines the directory point on the Linux server that the digitizer's mapped network drive connects.

Update permissions for digitize user to upload into dmlserv directory space

Restart Samba to apply the new settings