Table 3 Discussion: Google v. Apple v. Adobe, Standards

Chris Beer, Steve DiDomenico, Hannah Frost, Kimberly Hayworth, Mark Notess, Judy Stern


Google YouTube support for HTML 5 and .webm
WebM format (VP8 video and Vorbis audio)
Google purchased On2 Technologies (developers of VP8) and irrevocably released all of its patents on VP8 as a royalty-free format

Concerns about submarine patents related to video technologies


Support for HTML 5 and H.264
MPEG LA licenses patent pool for H.264/AVC (Apple and Microsoft among others hold patents)
MPEG LA claims that Theora and VP8 infringe on their patents


Previously, Flash was widely adopted due to large installed user base.
Increasingly, alternatives to Flash are being implemented (HTML 5 versions) because of the lack of support for Flash on Apple devices