Known Problems - 6.0

Statistics never identified as "in library"

The statistic generating scripts have a bug which keeps them from identifying an IP as being "in library" even when configured properly. To fix this problem, download the following patch files to /home/dmlserv/Variations-6.0 (or /home/dmlserv/Variations for Variations 5.0.7 or earlier).

Then perform the following commands:

patch bin/
patch bin/

Variations data files (e.g., v2t, v2p) won't open from Outlook Web Access

User-generated Variations data files, such as v2t files for timelines or v2p files for playlists, appear to download from Outlook Web Access email, but the files are empty and will not open. It appears to be an issue with Outlook Web Access on Exchange Server where it filters out all xml content of attachments with unknown file type extensions. Thus Variations files are downloaded but are empty.

Some possible fixes to request from your Exchange Server administrator are given below.

If it is not possible to fix Exchange for the Variations file types (v2a, v2p, v2t, v2x), then possible workarounds besides using a different mail system include zipping the files before attaching them to
emails. Simple renaming will not work because the xml content will probably still be stripped from the downloaded file.

Variations may crash on Macs when starting to play audio

On some Macs running OS X 10.5.7 or 10.5.8, Variations will sometimes crash when starting to play a recording. This appears to be due to an IP address being used instead of a fully qualified domain name in the the rtsp url used to stream the recording. A solution is to make sure that the value of dml.leases.rtspurl in conf/server/dmlscript.conf on the server contains the proper hostname and not an IP.  The Apple networking bug that caused the problem is fixed in Snow Leopard (10.6).

Containers with derivative files with uppercase characters fail to play

There is a bug where derivative files are forced to lowercase in the MediaObject record, but will ingest properly if uppercase. This causes a problem when trying to play the container because the file is not found. A workaround is to always make sure Wav files and derivative files are named using lowercase only.

Playlist menu separators on File and Bookmarks menus don't share playlist background color on Windows.

This is due to a bug in the JRE that is included in the Variations client. There is no current plan to provide a workaround.
See the entry in Java Bug Database for more information:

Quicktime 7.2 causes the Variations client not to start on PowerPC Mac

This is the result of a bad update process for Quicktime 7.2. This can be fixed by downloading the Quicktime 7.2 update from Apple's website ( and rerunning the update.

On Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) help menu search returns results unrelated to Variations

Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) has a search embedded in the help menu of every application. This search returns links to menu items within Variations and links to non-Variations help documentation. Currently, Variations does not make use of the Mac OSX help documentation features. This results in Apple's default functionality which is to return any help documentation results in the help menu search. There is no workaround.

Apple Key-Space keystroke does not pause Variations player on Mac OSX

On Mac OSX, Apple Key-Space causes Mac Spotlight search to open and does not cause the Variations player to pause playback.

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