OAI Metadata for Slocum collection

Source data

Native format managed at the Lilly is a File Maker Pro database. We map this to MODS and use the MODS as the master descriptive metadata in Fedora.

MODS for the collection is not conveniently available as a downloadable package. You can get individual records out of our Fedora repository, though. Here's how:

  1. List all Fedora IDs for images in the collection: http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:14/bdef:iudlCollection/listMembers?max=400&start=
  2. Hack this URL (http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:20027/bdef:iudlDescMetadata/getMODS/) to include iudl:[id you're interested in]
  3. The MODS record will come up in your web browser. Choose File -> Save as to save the XML file locally so you can work with it.

And an alternate method:

  1. Use the Slocum image delivery application to find a record of interest.
  2. Grab the PURL from the footer of that web page (e.g., http://purl.dlib.indiana.edu/iudl/lilly/slocum/LL-SLO-003023)
  3. Add /mets before the LL-SSO number (e.g., http://purl.dlib.indiana.edu/iudl/lilly/slocum/mets/LL-SLO-003023) and enter that in a web browser address bar
  4. You'll get the full METS document back in the browser, that has MODS inside of it.

(tick) oai_dc

metadataPrefix: oai_dc
target namespace: http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/oai_dc/
schema location: http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/oai_dc.xsd
method of generating: project stylesheet: slocum_mods2dc.xsl

(tick) QDC

metadataPrefix: qdc
target namespace: http://epubs.cclrc.ac.uk/xmlns/qdc/
schema location: http://epubs.cclrc.ac.uk/xsd/qdc.xsd
method of generating: generic MODS2QDC stylesheet
sample QDC record: slocum_qdc.xml

(tick) MODS 3.3

(info) The current MODS in Fedora does not list an explicit version, though the namespace indicates it's one of the 3.x incremental versions. Assuming MODS 3.3 since that's the version used for other collections in the Image Search Application. Do not update to MODS 3.4 at this time; will need to wait until all collections in the Fedora-based image search application are updated.

metadataPrefix: mods_3.3
target namespace: http://www.loc.gov/mods/v3
schema location: http://www.loc.gov/mods/v3/mods-3-3.xsd
method of generating: Map from native FileMaker Pro database