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October 5/6 Project Participant Meeting: Background

The Variations on Video planning grant specified this meeting as one of it's key activities:

IU, with support from IMLS funding, will host a meeting in September or October 2010 inviting select librarians and technologists from IU, NU, and 5-6 additional college and university libraries and IT divisions with needs or existing experience in digital media collection management and delivery. At this meeting, we will seek input from the participants on functional and technical requirements for a video-enabled Variations system, as well as information on existing systems, tools, workflows, and experience in place at the participating institutions that might be leveraged as part of a development effort. These participants will serve as an ongoing informal advisory board and potential collaborators in development of later grant proposals.

This meeting was held on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington on October 5 and 6, 2010. There were 30 attendees from the following organizations:

Participants were given a pre-meeting reading list and usage scenario assignment. The initial meeting agenda was publicly posted.


Slides from presentations are linked below.

Usage Scenario Discussions

Discussions around the usage scenarios were used to generate a lists of user-centered requirements. This list serves as an initial, unprioritized collection of usage-grounded requirements. The document also includes a list of possible requirements that didn't emerge from our scenarios as well as a list of product concept alternatives that offer focus for a subset of the requirements.

Dinner Discussion Summaries

At dinner the first night of the meetings, we held a working dinner where three tables each had moderated discussion of a particular topic.

Technical Breakout Session

Functional Requirements Breakout Session