Server OS and Third Party Software Setup

How to setup the server including OS installation, third party software and components installations.



Needed to install Variations:

OS and 3rd-Party Software Installation

Perform the following installation steps as root or sudo


Network Alias Devices


Variations uses the following ports:


Install Java:



Variations uses two databases for Metadata and Access Management. Currently Variations is configured to work with MySQL and will require that you set up these databases in the configuration of the Variations server. Linux distributions such as RedHat Enterprise 6 already come with the appropriate version of Mysql. If you are using another Linux distribution you may want to check that it has a compatible version of MySQL or download a more current version. For more information on the Variations database see the Databases page



Variations Administration User Account Creation

If the dmlserv user was created during the first boot process, then also

If the dmlserv user was not created during the first boot process, then

Next Steps

You have just finished installing the all of the components needed to install and run the Variations server software. Proceed to the next step and install the Variations Server Software.
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