The public domain clips attached to this page will be used for first release testing. They are h.264/mp4 files derived from a DV25 access master created from a 16mm film print.


Clip One (0:36)

Northwestern vs. Michigan State program; coin flip; team runs out onto the field

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Clip Two (0:37)

Kickoff to the 20 yard line; four running plays with the final being a sweep to the 40 yard line

NUvMiami1971-03_64kbit.mp464k | NUvMiami1971-03_128kbit.mp4128k | NUvMiami1971-03_256kbit.mp4256k | NUvMiami1971-03_384kbit.mp4384k | NUvMiami1971-03_512kbit.mp4512k | NUvMiami1971-03_768kbit.mp4768k

Clip Three (0:34)

Cropped shot of fans applauding in the stands; after quarterback runs ball near the goal line cuts back to the crowd

NUvMiami1971-04_64kbit.mp464k | NUvMiami1971-04_128kbit.mp4128k | NUvMiami1971-04_256kbit.mp4256k | NUvMiami1971-04_384kbit.mp4384k | NUvMiami1971-04_512kbit.mp4512k | NUvMiami1971-05_768kbit.mp4768k

Clip Four (0:21)

Opens with a shot of the scoreboard showing Northwestern up 6-0; finishes with field goal and kickoff

NUvMiami1971-05_64kbit.mp464k | NUvMiami1971-05_128kbit.mp4128k | NUvMiami1971-05_256kbit.mp4256k | NUvMiami1971-05_384kbit.mp4384k | NUvMiami1971-05_512kbit.mp4512k | NUvMiami1971-05_768kbit.mp4NUvMiami1971-04_768kbit.mp4768k


Clip Five (0:31)

Opens with fans cheering in the stands before cutting to action and finally the scoreboard

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