Release Zero Proposed Date & Functionality

Release Zero was announced on July 23 as completed.

Proposed Release Zero Date: July 1, 2012

The initial release is planned to be a bare bones version that allows for the ingest and playback of resources.  When completed by July 1st, this version should be available online for project members to review at any time and use for demonstration purposes.  At Release Zero, we want to give an update to the community that demonstrates meaningful progress, including a community announcement with the release website with the official project name and some branding in place.  

Release Zero will include the following functionality:

Will this be tested by external partners before July 1?  No, plan for that soon after. 
How many test assets by July 1?  
Are we supporting transcoding of .wav files in R0?  
Community usable version between R0-R1?  When and what?  Will this demo environment be stable enough at end of sprint?  Pawpaw should be able to support that capability.