Video player requirements

Note: User story references (e.g., us18) refer to our user stories document.

VoV video player needs to satisfy these requirements:

Features that are required and nice to have built-in but we can write them ourselves

Features that are not required but would be nice to have and difficult for us to implement

Features that we will most likely want to write ourselves

Other requirements

Video players compared

The list below only compares open-source players with license less strict than GPL.

 jwplayermediaelement.jsOSMF (StrobeMedia)Engagevideo.jsFluid player
m3u8Flash + HTML5HTML53rd party pluginProbablyUnclearHTML5
Adaptive streamingYesNoYesProbablyNoNo
SkinnableFlash + HTML5YesYesNoYesHTML5
Javascript APIYesYesExploratoryYesYesYes
Clip makingYesNoUnclearYesUnclearNo

Engage is based on OSMF. We're looking into Fluid Player.

Matterhorn Engage Player

Is documented at

Strobe Media Playback

There is a fallback from Flash to HTML5, but does not have an option to specify source (RTMP or mp4) for each type of player. 


Meeting 04/27/2012

Engage seems to be not flexible and too tightly coupled to Matterhorn. Getting help isn't easy.

FluidPlayer looks good, has some flexibility, but they're not interested in Flash video. Fullscreen API isn't supported in IE but is useful. We could probably fall back to Flash fullscreen. For now we'll try to make FluidPlayer work with some flash player.

RTMP streaming seems to be unavoidable, as some security barrier has to be there to discourage piracy (though impossible to prevent)