The user-centered requirements in this document were derived from reviewing the usage scenarios presented at the Variations on Video Project Participant meeting. After we completed this exercise, we also brainstormed possible requirements not covered by the scenarios we reviewed (see What's Missing, below) as well brainstorming possible alternatives for an overarching Product Concept (also below).

Reserves Coordinator/Staff; Project service manager; Archivist; Librarian

Digitizer (May be same as above)

QA (could be student)



Subject Specialist (within or outside library)

External Scholar

What's missing?

These are possible requirements not addressed by the existing usage scenarios.

Product concept

These are alternatives to consider for a possible overarching product concept. The idea is to have our development driven by one product concept (or perhaps several complementary ones) rather than trying to do everything on this list.

  1. Reserves markup layer. For text, audio, video, images. Or just for time-based media? Maybe not just "reserves"? Course-related. eReserves 2.0.
  2. Academic library video uploader for online access. Easy for libraries w/o strong tech support.
  3. Seamlessly integrated course reserves access across media types, within flexible access control and copyright management.
  4. Back office library workflow for online video. Online video collection management system.
  5. Supporting the delivery, use and management of digital media content for research, teaching, and learning. Digital media delivered for you.
  6. The Variations Method. A set of recommendations, best practices. (for #5)
  7. Digital video library in a box (or on a cloud?). Management tools, workflow for ingest, simple access tools. Or could broaden to include other media.
  8. Hosted version of #7. or #5.
  9. Media management and publishing services toolkit. Selectable components/modules. Could include an API layer. Phased buildout.
  10. Rich media for Sakai (or some other targeted CMS/VLE).
  11. Video ingest tool. (Matterhorn does this now.)
  12. Built by libraries, for libraries so that libraries can deliver (video/audio) to users, by users.

Can focus more on end-user experience & tools, or focus more on the library's needs to manage and deliver content.