Resulting from discussions with stakeholders and metadata experts, the following list of fields is highly recommended for use with any new collection in Photocat, the IUB Libraries' online image collection cataloging application. This field selection represents a unified endorsement of those elements widely shared by image collections. All new collections added to Photocat will automatically contain these fields and collections are encouraged to make use of them, adhering to the definitions for each field.

Only fields within the core are aggregated for searching and browsing across collections within Image Collections Online (ICO), the search and discovery access system for exhibiting collections maintained in Photocat. Additionally, only fields within the core are shareable for indexed discovery beyond Photocat/ICO in services such as Digital Collections Search.

The field names in this glossary should be understood as historical and merely what have been passed down to the current system by previous project development activities. Within Photocat, these fields can be labeled per collection in any way that helps the collection catalogers input appropriate data. Please consult the glossary definitions provided for each field to decide if and how a core field is used in a collection. Customizing the label for a field is acceptable, but should reflect a relationship to that field's definition. For example, CREATOR, as defined in the glossary, is a field meant to identify the person or entity responsible for the depicted item. Some collections might coincidentally prefer the field to be labeled as CREATOR.  However, some collections may wish to use a particular label, such as PHOTOGRAPHER or ARTIST, to clarify what is meant by the glossary definition of CREATOR for a collection (for both cataloging and end-user purposes). Both PHOTOGRAPHER and ARTIST adhere to the glossary definition of CREATOR and would be acceptable to use within Photocat and ICO.

Collections are also encouraged to make use of ACCESSION_NUMBER and/or CALL_NUMBER to provide a uniquely identifying connection between the Photocat record for an item and the information available about the original item - an external/original source identifier. Maintaining a connection to the entirety of metadata about an item will enhance the use of Photocat for catalogers. These identifiers can be for internal use only or they can also be shared with end-users in ICO and labeled in whatever way is best for the collection. Either ACCESSION_NUMBER or CALL_NUMBER can be used or both fields can be used, if appropriate.

Each entry in the glossary is arranged as follows:


Additional Notes

Other fields are available for use within Photocat, but the collection should be aware that using fields outside of the core will mean that any information placed in those fields is excluded from cross-collection facets for search and browse within Image Collections Online.  Definitions and recommended use of these other fields are forthcoming and will be posted soon.