Current Version

Known as "PhotoCat".

Implemented for the Liberian Collections Project

Production application

Test application

Config files - production:
Feta - /usr/local/tomcat-production/webapps/photocat/WEB-INF/conf/collection/(collection-name)/field-config.xml

Config files - development:
Cheddar - /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/photocat/WEB-INF/conf/collection/(collection-name)/field-config.xml


We want to create a tool for cataloging items and placing them into the repository. Intially, this tool will work with photograph collections. We will then generalize it, or use it as the basis for other types of cataloging tools. The photo cataloging tool will be available to departments on campus that want to put content into our repository.

Non-MARC cataloging systems are still fairly primitive. No cataloging system has gained a lot of attention. Most systems are very collection-specific.

Harvard has created a general-purpose cataloging interface driven by XML Schema. However, this tool is not yet available to the general public, search for "schema-driven" on this page for updates.

Is something like this worth using? Should we use/build something that is specific to each collection? Or can we build a middle-of-the road system that takes plugins for various metadata schemas?

Current Feature Priorities


For version 1.0, due end of summer 2007:

LCP Pilot test plan

CV integration planning

Tools we may use as a basis:

Some Open Questions