Avalon has the ability to perform minimal management of master files after it has successfully processed them.  There are three management strategies: move, delete, or do nothing.

Move Strategy

The move strategy will move master files to the configured path once they have been processed.  This path needs to be file system accessible.

   strategy: 'move'
   path: '/mnt/diskarray/avalon-archive'

The new masterfile name will be prepended with the pid, replacing the colon with an underscore. 
Example: movie.mp4 -> avalon_2390-movie.mp4 

When the file has been archived, you can see the new filename in the item's raw metadata.

Delete Strategy

The delete strategy will delete the master file after it has been processed.

   strategy: 'delete'

None Strategy

The 'none' strategy will leave the master files in place after processing.

   strategy: 'none'