This document is a work in progress. It is incomplete and untested.

This documentation is for Release 3.0.0.


These instructions provide a recipe for configuring Avalon to use Adobe Media Server (AMS) for content streaming.


Adobe Media Server 5 Standard can be downloaded from A serial number is not required for development and testing purposes.

This example uses the default AMS installation location ( /opt/adobe/ams ) and assumes that the Apache server used is the one installed with AMS. If a separate Apache is used make changes accordingly.

Configuration changes within AMS:

# 1. Download the Avalon configuration for AMS
wget -O
cd avalon-vod-master

# 2 Copy avalon.conf into place
cp apache/avalon_rewrite.conf /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf

# 3. Add Avalon configuration to AMS's Apache configuration
echo "Include conf/avalon_rewrite.conf" >> /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf

# 4. Copy avalon_auth into place and make executable
cp apache/avalon_auth /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/bin
chmod 744 /opt/adobe/ams/Apache2.2/bin

# 5. Add Avalon substitution variables to the AMS configuration (EDIT THESE AS NEEDED)
echo "AVALON.STREAM_PATH = /opt/adobe/ams/webroot/avalon" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini
echo "AVALON.AUTH_URL = http://{avalon host}/authorize" >> /opt/adobe/ams/conf/ams.ini

Setup the AMS Avalon application

# 1. Copy Application.xml and main.asc into AMS Avalon application
mkdir /opt/adobe/ams/applications/avalon
cp adobe/Application.xml /opt/adobe/ams/applications/avalon/
cp adobe/main.asc /opt/adobe/ams/applications/avalon/

Configure Matterhorn

Inspect the following assignments in and change as needed for your environement.

org.opencastproject.server.url=http://{ams host}:18080
org.opencastproject.streaming.url=rtmp://{ams host}/avalon
org.opencastproject.hls.url=http://{ams host}/streams
org.avalonmediasystem.avalon.url=http://{avalon host}/

Configure Avalon

Inspect the following assignments in avalon.yml and change as needed for your environement.

   url_handler: :adobe # or :generic 
   rtmp_base: rtmp://{ams host}/avalon/
   http_base: http://{ams host}/avalon/
   stream_token_ttl: 20 #minutes
  1. Start-up host configuration (/etc/rc.d/init.d/avalon_host_config) must be edited so above changes to avalon.yml are not overwritten on reboot.
  2. Red5 must be shutdown and the startup service disabled:

    cd /usr/local/red5
    chkconfig red5 off
  3. AMS must be started and set to autostart:

    cd /opt/adobe/ams
    ./server start
    echo /opt/adobe/ams/server start
     >> /etc/rc.local