1. User Stories v. Research Contributions
    1. User Stories: Make a super awesome, intuitive, interactive web site
      1. Understand how a web site should function based on real life or representative users
    2. Research Contributions: Enrich Existing Content
      1. Untangle the Research part from the User Stories: Content Focused
  2. Agile development
    1. What we use upstairs
    2. Sprints = when/how the work is done
    3. Themes, Epics, and User Stories = what to work on
      1. Themes
      2. Epics
      3. User Stories
        1. Include Conditions of Satisfaction
        2. Must be clear, feasible, and testable
    4. Use case
    5. Requirements statement
  3. Overarching Goals
    1. Basic Discovery: Going beyond tasks, aiming for an experience
      1. Browse
      2. Search
      3. Saving Items
      4. Results
    2. Home Page
      1. What is this "place"?
      2. Don't get in the way of repeat visitors
      3. What's new?
      4. How does the home page set expectations for user interaction with web site?
    3. Jump to the User Stories (Break Down together)
      1. As a _______ I want to _________ so that I can ___________.
    4. Other functionality
      1. Commenting
      2. (Update based on discussion)
  4. Iterative Process