This documentation is still in progress and 3.3 has not been released yet.

Validating Media Object metadata

Avalon release 3.3 includes a new requirement that metadata values Creation Date and Date Issued conform to the Extended Date Time Format. Dates that do not conform will not be indexed and therefor not searchable. To assisting in identifying existing records affected by this change, a tool has been implemented to identify those records. In addition to identifying invalid dates it identifies all records with ANY invalid metadata. Run the tool by executing the following command.

$ su - avalon -c "cd /var/www/avalon/current; RAILS_ENV='production' bundle exec rake avalon:validate"

Any records identified as having validation errors should be fixed so that they will be indexed. After fixing those records, reindex by running the following.

$ su - avalon -c "cd /var/www/avalon/current; RAILS_ENV='production' bundle exec rake avalon:reindex"


Add Matterhorn workflow config for multiple derivative ingest

 Part of the changes made to get multiple derivatives ingest to work was adding new matterhorn workflows.

Here are the raws for the two files you'll want to replace in mattherhorn/etc/workflows: