If the batch cron job stops working

First, check the log file in log/whenever_cron.log to see if there are any error messages. If there aren't the lock file might be stuck. To ensure the batch job doesn't run more than one job at a time there is a lock file tmp/pids/batch_ingest.*. Delete the matching files and wait for the next run of the cron job.


Ingest service reports as WARNING on Avalon's about/health page

When an ingest fails, it may leave the Matterhorn service in a bad state until subsequent ingests succeed. If you know that was not caused by a Matterhorn issue, you can bring its status back to OK by sanitizing the service:

2. Login using credentials (IU: Test+server+documentation)
3. Goto: http://MATTERHORN_URL:PORT/docs.html?path=/services
4. Submit the sanitize form with serviceType=org.opencastproject.ingest&host=http://MATTERHORN_URL:PORT


Another Tomcat from a different repo was installed and replaced the old one

In Avalon 5.x and priors, we use a specific version of Tomcat from nul-repo. If a different version (for example one from epel) was installed, it will cause problems. To revert:


Corrupted thumbnail


Item cannot be opened. Fetching the MasterFile in Rails console returns:

Ldp::HttpError: STATUS: 500 org.modeshape.persistence.relational.RelationalProviderException: java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1


The following steps attempt to reverse engineer and modify DB blobs. They should be tested thoroughly on a non-production replica first.

Stop Tomcat/Fedora.

Find the Modeshape uuid for the MasterFile using its noid (eg 4q77fs77w)

select * from MODESHAPE_REPOSITORY where content like '%4q77fs77w%';

Look in the result and find the last uuid, fcf96b47505d64ecc9ea96-31cf-49c4-b4e3-f4b193723378 in this case 

| fcf96b47505d644a95ff85-b6ab-4bdb-a150-6d5f21c9cda0 | 2017-06-08 01:17:35 | h  metadata @   id 3   fcf96b47505d644a95ff85-b6ab-4bdb-a150-6d5f21c9cda0  content   key 3   fcf96b47505d644a95ff85-b6ab-4bdb-a150-6d5f21c9cda0 parent 3   fcf96b47505d64454d94d5-2fb7-48d9-8847-90a8b0d79f07 properties � �   createdBy 
                                                                 bypassAdmin primaryType    $name 
   nt:folder  created .   $date    2017-06-08T01:17:35.518-04:00  mixinTypes P   0 H   $name 8   {}Pairtree     children ]   0 U   key 3   fcf96b47505d64ecc9ea96-31cf-49c4-b4e3-f4b193723378 name 
   4q77fs77w   childrenInfo    count              |

Dump the MasterFile row using this uuid

mysqldump -u mysql_user -h mysql_host -p fedora_db --skip-add-drop-table --no-create-info --where="id = 'fcf96b47505d64ecc9ea96-31cf-49c4-b4e3-f4b193723378'" MODESHAPE_REPOSITORY > masterfile.sql

Edit masterfile.sql using vim and delete everything after poster through thumbnail


Drop the existing DB row

delete from MODESHAPE_REPOSITORY where id='fcf96b47505d64ecc9ea96-31cf-49c4-b4e3-f4b193723378';

Insert the updated row back

mysql -u mysql_user -h mysql_host -p fedora_db < masterfile.sql

Start Tomcat/Fedora.

Open the item in a web browser and recreate the thumbnail using the player's built-in function.