Changes were needed in the ohms-viewer in order to get it to work with the avalon's embeded player and oembed.


  1. git clone the viewer from here and follow the instructions on that page to install it locally. I also installed tomcat and php to get it to work.
  2. In the ohms viewer, you can make your own standard player by adding the javascript and a php template.
    1. This is the php file we wrote, to be added to ohms-viewer/tmpl :
    2. and for the javascript, we just copied the one used for youtube in js/viewer_youtube.js and renamed it to js/viewer_oembed.js. This will be the main file that needs to be changed. It controls the playback. 
  3. Add the new oembed viewer to config/config.ini under players. The line should look like this: 
    players = other,brightcove,kaltura,youtube,oembed



We need to be able to send messages into the iframe to control the player in js/viewer_oembed.js – unfortunately you can't send messages very well that way, so we'll probably need to figure a way out to embed everything within the iframe, leaving the iframe behind. This might require having to change what oembed returns, maybe we could supply parameters to specify non-iframe or iframe.