This documentation is for Release 3.x. For the Release 1 version of this page, see v.23. For the Release 2 version of this page, see v.47.

Comment Form

  • Release 3.2 introduced a bug that broke the Comments Form. This problem was fixed in Release 3.2.3. Users of earlier 3.2 versions can learn how to fix this bug without upgrading here.

Bulk Actions

  • Bulk actions only act on first 10 selected items. The rest are silently ignored. This problem was fixed in Release 3.2.2. Release 3.2 and 3.2.1 users can learn how to address it here.

Collection Management

  • Changing the name of an existing collection or changing its associated unit fails to update the solr index. This problem was introduced in Release 3.2 and fixed in Release 3.2.1. Release 3.2 users can learn how to address it here.

Content Creation

  • An Avalon item is created every time you choose the Create menu even if you do not associate any media or metadata with the item.  These Avalon items will only be viewable by Collection Staff because they receive access status of "Collection Staff Only" by default.  Avalon items can be deleted individually. 

  • Items can be published without adding any media to them.  To keep them hidden, edit the item and then, on the Preview page, click Unpublish at the top of the item.

  • Long section titles can cause Avalon to throw an exception. To work around this problem keep section titles shorter than 32 characters.

  • Content in the batch ingest file is case sensitive. Be sure not to mix case as this might case problems with the ingest process

  • Section labels are limited to 255 UTF-8 characters

Skip Transcoding

  • When streaming using Adobe Media Server, skip transcoding MP3s don't process correctly or playback.

File Management

  • When using skip transcoding for single or multiple derivatives, Avalon's master file management setting is applied to the highest quality derivative (or single) only. This means that if your application is set to move files to another location (removing them also from the dropbox) then only the highest quality derivative is affected - leaving other two in place. 


Group Management

  • The Manage Groups interface will allow the creation of a group name with embedded (blank) spaces, but sometimes members of that group will not have access to items in the collection. Solution: For now, don't create groups with spaces in the name–use hyphens or underscores.

  • In the Manage Groups interface it is possible for members of group_managers to delete any Ad Hoc groups even if they are not the group creator. If you do try to delete these groups, you will receive a delete confirmation message.

  • Renaming a group may remove permissions from collections and items. To fix this problem be sure to reapply any exceptions after the group has been renamed.

Player and Controls

  • The poster images may have a strange aspect ratio when in full screen mode. This does not affect video playback which retains the correction dimensions.

Player Embedding

  • Avalon uses iframes for video embedding. Embedding should work with sites that support iframes. 
  •  For embedded Avalon media to play in Safari, you have to go to Preferences -> Advanced and UNcheck "Stop plugins to save power"


  • If you have a batch with large files added to the dropbox, the batch may fail while the files are being copied.  If that happens, once batch ingest package is completely copied over, delete the error file in the dropbox and the batch will be begin processing again.

System configurations

  • Uploading a file larger than the value configured in the Master File model will throw an exception instead of being gracefully handled. If routinely uploading files bigger than the default either change it or use the dropbox interface.

Audio Ingest

  • There was a typo in matterhorn's config file etc/encoding/avalon.properites. Go to your matterhorn's etc/encoding directory and run the following:

    wget -O

    No restart is needed.

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