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2015-03-09 Sufia Roadmap Call Notes
PCDM 4/17/2015 Call Info  

Sufia Sprint

PCDM Sufia Sprint Planning Meeting
PCDM Sufia Sprint Documentation
Hydra::Works PCDM Diagram 
"Code Map" of a Work in Sufia (needs review for HydraDAM2 usefulness)
Google doc describing phases for implementing PCDM (with Sufia in mind) 
Github code changes from sprint

PCDM General Info

LDP-PCDM-F4 In Action 
Portland Common Data Model 
PCDM Examples 
Hydra and the Portland Common Data Model (PCDM)
Hydra Metadata Working Group 

PCDM with HydraDAM2

IU Diagram of example MDPI object - simplified
IU Diagram of example MDPI object - complex
IU HydraDAM2 model with FileSet
2015-08-31 HydraDAM2 at IU Meeting Notes 

Metadata, RDF, etc.

Dynamic ad-hoc vocabularies

This can be done from the higher level RDF gem, not the rdf-vocab gem. See https://github.com/ruby-rdf/rdf .
In metadata code associated with models you would be able to do something like:

vocab = RDF::Vocabulary.new("http://iu.edu/vocab/0.1/") 

Then you generate ad-hoc uri with method names, symbols, or strings:

  => "http://iu.edu/vocab/0.1/name" 

  => "http://iu.edu/vocab/0.1/subject"