Meetings and Retrospectives

Meeting Notes and Retrospectives

Data Model Development

HydraDAM2 Data Model

Data Model Options

PHYDO data model properties

Files within a PHYDO Object

Preservation Functionality

PREMIS Metadata Tracking and Preservation Events

Features Decisions

User Access Profiles

Original HydraDAM Functional Requirements Comparison

Blacklight Features Comparison

Implementing Preservation Metadata

Search and Sort Properties

Technical data properties on objects

Development Roadmaps

Updated Features Roadmap for 2016-2017

Features Roadmap Jan - July 2016

Roadmap Revision Notes

Use Cases

Use Cases

User Stories

Technical and Architecture Work

Phydo Github Code Repository

Architecture Meeting Decisions, 8/8/16

Demo Server Information

Hydra and Fedora 4 Federated Content

PHYDO asynchronous storage interactions

Reference Documentation

Development Environment Page (may be outdated)


Current State of Hydra and Hydra Related Activities


WGBH Metadata