Migrate Database

Dump r5 database (mysql on pawpaw)

mysqldump -u avalonweb -p avalonweb -no-create-info --tables annotations api_tokens bookmarks courses identities ingest_batches playlist_items playlists role_maps  users > /tmp/avalon.r5.dump.sql

Load to r6 database (sqlite locally)

Sqllite3 doesn't like mysql dump files so a transformation script needs to be run on it.

Download https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dumblob/mysql2sqlite/master/mysql2sqlite

Make it executable: chmod +x mysql2sqlite

Run it on the dump file: ./mysql2sqlite avalon.r5.dump.sql > avalon.r5.dump.sqlite

bundle exec rake avalon:wipeout  # ensure that Fedora, Solr, and the DB are clean
bundle exec rails dbconsole 
sqlite> DELETE FROM role_maps;
sqlite> .read /tmp/avalon.r5.dump.sqlite

Migrate Fedora Objects

# SSH tunnel or open up your fedora3 server to your new Avalon app
# Setup config/fedora3.yml in your Avalon 6 app
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate
#Review output and fix/rerun it

Migrate Database Tables

# Run script to map fedora 3 pids in database to newly minted fedora 4 noids
bundle exec rake avalon:migrate:database


Migrate Config Files