See the Avalon 6.2 Release Notes for more information.

Upgrading Ruby (recommended)

Avalon 6.2 has been tested against Ruby 2.3 and Ruby 2.4. While there are no known reasons that other versions of Ruby 2 will not work, the Avalon Team recommends using one of these versions of Ruby.  

Updating Fedora (Optional)

Avalon 6.2 has primarily been tested against Fedora 4.7.4.  Fedora 4.7.4 is also currently in the process of becoming the LTS version of Fedora; you may wish to consider upgrading to Fedora 4.7.4, but this is not required.  Fedora 4.7.4 install/upgrade directions can be found here.


/about/health.yaml is now publicly accessible to make it easier for monitoring softwares like Nagios to parse. All other routes under  /about/ still requires authentication and administrator privilege.

Upgrade Steps

For Manual Installations

Download and deploy new code from avalon repo

Update gems and DB

bundle install
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

Restart passenger (if using)

passenger-config restart-app

Restart Resque (background jobs processor)

pkill -f resque
RAILS_ENV=production BACKGROUND=yes bundle exec rake resque:scheduler
RAILS_ENV=production BACKGROUND=yes QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:work

For Docker Installations

Update new code from avalon-docker

git checkout master
git pull

Rebuild and replace Avalon container. Note: it's not necessary to take Avalon down first.

docker-compose build --no-cache avalon
docker-compose up avalon