Website settings can be found under “Settings” in the left sidebar.

1. Journal Website: Appearance Guidelines

This tab lists the methods by which users can change the aesthetic appearance of your journal website. This involves the Journal Logo, the website's Page Footer, Journal Theme (typography and color scheme), the ability to upload a CSS Journal Style Sheet, the Homepage Image, Journal Favicon, Lists (of editors, submissions, assignments, or users), Journal Thumbnail, and any additional content to be visible on the journals' homepage or sidebar.

2. Information

This tab allows users to create descriptions that can become available with the "Information" block enabled. These three descriptions, for readers, authors, and librarians respectively, will be available on the sidebar and clearly lay out basic journal policies of interest for these specific groups. 

3. Languages

This tab lists the languages your journal can support. For now IUScholarWorks is primarily supporting journals in English, so this tab should not be necessary. 

4. Announcements

This tab allows users to enable Journal Announcements as well as edit the content, frequency, and type of announcements.

5. Navigation Menus

This tab will allow you to edit the navigation menus of your journal's OJS 3 dashboard and user interface as well as the navigation menu for your journal's website.

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