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Collection - A set of items that are subject to the same access control settings.

WF batch - all the jobs initiated by submitting a particular bundle through a particular WF.

Bundle - A set of items from a collection or multiple collections. The bundle gathers items that the user wants to submit through a workflow at the same time.

Item - A bibliographic item. It contains metadata and A/V binary content. Items belong to a collection.

Job - one execution of a workflow for a particular Primary File.  

Metadata Generating Mechanism (MGM) - a machine learning tool or a tool provided to users to interact with AMP.

Primary files - binary objects that are provided as primary resources from a collection-holding institution

Shim - Adapter for tool

Supplemental file - any file that is provided to supplement the information about a collection, an item, or a primary file.

Unit - A tenant in a multi-tenant AMP; collections belong to a Unit.

Workflow - a representation of a graph that describes the routing rules for a set of MGMs. The input of a workflow may be an item or a group of items.

Relevant machine-generated metadata - all the md that we want to expose to the user because it will be part of the md exported to the target systems.

Relevant WF results - same as relevant machine-generated metadata.