Avalon 6.4.4

Avalon 6.4.4 is now available for download at the Avalon GitHub repository.  
Click here to download and to learn more.

Updates and Changes

Bug Fixes

For any questions or assistance, please email us at:  avalon-discuss-l@list.indiana.edu

Or find us on Slack at: samvera.slack.com/messages/avalon

Joining a Slack team requires an invitation, but anyone can generate an automatic invite to the Samvera Community slack channel using the following form: Samvera Slack invite

For upgrade documentation:  https://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/display/VarVideo/For+System+Administrators
Those interested in exploring Avalon should contact us at:  http://www.avalonmediasystem.org/contact
Our Github:  https://github.com/avalonmediasystem/