Averkamp, Shawn - MGM Specialist, MGM Team Lead; AVP

Boolchandani, Vinita - Developer; Indiana University

Cameron, Jon - Digital Media Services Manager; Indiana University

Clement, Tanya - MGM Specialist; University of Texas at Austin

Dunn, Jon - Assistant Dean for Library Technologies, AMPPD Principal Investigator; Indiana University

Duryee, Alex - Collection Manager; New York Public Library

Feng, Ying - Lead Developer; Indiana University

Fischer, Dan - Developer; Portal Media / AVP

Fischer, Liz - MGM Specialist; University of Texas at Austin

Hahn, Michelle K. - Sound Recordings Cataloger; Indiana University

Hardesty, Julie - Metadata Specialist, Collections Team Lead; Indiana University

Kellams, Dina M. - Director of University Archives, Collection Manager; Indiana University

Lacinak, Chris - Founder and President; AVP

Lyons, Bertram - AV Subject Matter Expert; AVP

Peters, Charles W. - Head of Music Library Cataloging, Collection Manager; Indiana University

Rubinow, Sara -  Metadata Specialist; New York Public Library

Rudersdorf, Amy - Project Manager and Scrum Master; AVP

Sutton, Jack - Project Assistant; Indiana University

Wheeler, Brian - Senior Systems Engineer; Indiana University

Whitaker, Maria - Head of Digital Media Software Development, AMP Product Owner; Indiana University

Whittaker, Thomas - Head of Media Cataloging; Indiana University

Yolles, Melanie - Collection Manager; New York Public Library


Bruns, Gerrit - Research Assistant; German National Library of Science and Technology

Giarlo, Michael - Technical Manager; Stanford University Library

Hunter, Caitlin - Head of Recorded Sound Section; Library of Congress

Kaufman, Casey Davis - Associate Director; WGBH Media Library and Archives

McFee, Brian - Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Data Science; New York University

Montoya, Rob - Assistant Professor; Information and Library Science, Indiana University

Pustejovsky, James - Feldberg Chair of Computer Science; Brandeis University

Van Dall, Dirk - VP, Advanced Research; BAMTECH/Disney+