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The MDPI Internal Content Access instance of Avalon Media System is supported by the Indiana University Libraries to provide access for collection management staff within IU to audio and video items digitized through the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative (MDPI).

For public and IU student/faculty/staff access to audio and video collections, including those digitized as part of MDPI, please visit Media Collections Online.

If you're off-campus, you'll need to be connected to the IU VPN to access these sites.

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Click the "Sign In" link in upper-right hand side of the page and enter your IU network ID and passphrase (if prompted) for authentication.

Since there is no public content on this site, you will not see any items listed until signing in.

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Items in the MDPI Internal Content site can be browsed in the same manner as in Media Collections Online using the facets that appear on the left side of the page for navigation. Please note that you will only have read-only access to items on this site and will only see items you have been authorized to view.

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Further Information

To request access to a collection, request access for a member of your staff, or for more information please contact Jon Cameron, Digital Media Service Manager for the IU Libraries, at joncamer@indiana.edu.

There is currently an issue with the system where all segments for a section are initially highlighted. This is a cosmetic bug that does not affect functionality and that will be fixed in the next system upgrade.