The Directory Ingest Service (diringest) is a servlet that ingests a zipfile of data. Capabilities include:

The basic documentation in the Fedora users guide is not very detailed.

A helpful tutorial on this tool provides more information than the base Fedora documentation.

A Java applet called SIPCreator is distributed with DirIngest. We have not been able to make it work yet (the dialog for loading files doesn't actually display files to insert – security problem?). Even when it is fully functional, it will probably not help with many of the problems we have.

The batch build and ingest tools are related to the directory ingest service, and provide some complimentary features, but they are very simplistic. The build tool simply combines a (FOXML or METS) template with xml descriptions of the object datastreams to make simple (non-hierarchical) objects in FOXML format. The ingest tool simply ingests a set of FOXML files into the repository.

While this tool comes close to meeting our ingest needs, it still has drawbacks:

Basic steps in using DirIngest

  1. Create images and metadata files as normal
  2. Create MIX metadata by running JHOVE manually
  3. Distribute images and metadata files to the proper hierarchical directory structure.
  4. Create a METS document that describes the relationships between the files (using something like our ingest tool!)
  5. Zip all the files
  6. If necessary, modify the crules.xml file to give datastreams the correct labels and specify proper relationships between the objects.
  7. Run DirIngest


Test Ingests